LVLP vs HVLP: Select Perfect Spray Gun


Spray guns provide the flawless finish to the surface by atomizing the air directly on the surface. Many types of spray guns are available on the market like conventional spray guns, HVLP air gun, air spray guns, airless spray guns, LVLP spray guns. All perform different functions. Here in this post, I will discuss the differences between LVLP Vs. HVLP so that you can gain knowledge about both the types of spray guns.

What is HVLP spray guns?

HVLP is high volume low-pressure spray guns that supply the air with the help of compressor. The HVLP turbine motor produces the 100 CFM at 3-8 psi. You will enjoy easier to control sprays while making use of HVLP as the supply of air is of low velocity by the turbines.

What is LVLP spray guns?

LVLP is low volume, low-pressure spray guns which require 10psi at the nozzle cap to operate. They possess lowest overspray levels with softer sprays. Due to smaller air requirements and low overspray they provide excellent services to mobile painters.

HVLP Vs LVLP Spray Gun

Helps in improving transfer efficiency.Holds soft fan pattern and cuts down on overspray.
Involves low pressure to atomize paint.As compare to HVLP equipment it make use of low volume of air.
It increases energy cost as it uses more compressed air.Enjoys better finish quality and excessive material savings.
Features slower working speed and smaller fan.In the range of 8”-10” has smaller fan patterns.
Older to the market.Comparatively newer to the HVLP.

From the above points, you can differentiate the characteristics of both the types of all spray guns. Every product has its benefits and drawbacks so let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the same.

Advantages of HVLP

  • It will provide high finish quality with huge material savings.
  • It is authentic as it is EPA and government recognized.
  • It is ideal for metallic, slower and close to surface painters.

Disadvantage of HVLP

  • The size of the fan and the working speed is slow.
  • It requires the larger compressor and creates problems with thicker paints.

Advantages of LVLP

  • Enjoys significant material savings with superior finish quality.
  • Can be purchased as much as 80%+ amongst the lowest overspray levels.
  • Will prove appropriate for clear coats and lower air consumption.
  • It covers slim line designs with artist control.

Disadvantages of LVLP

  • Smaller fan patterns in the range of 8”-10”.
  • The application speed is slow just like HVLP.

Final Verdict

From this post, you can draw the comparison between HVLP Vs. LVLP spray guns and can proceed to the one that suits to your requirement. Nowadays you can get HVLP at lower prices as it has become conventional spray gun in the market. You can enjoy working with LVLP if you maintain well. It ultimately depends on your choice and preference whichever paint gun you choose. Before finalizing any paint gun just make sure it of exceptional quality that serves your purpose.

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