Spray Paint vs Plasti Dip vs Powder Coat: Comparison Between Coatings

Spray Paint vs Plasti Dip vs Powder Coat

The knowledge of paint colors is essential to enjoy the amazing results. Here I will talk about the different types of paint colors – Plasti Dip, Spray paint and Powder Coat and comparison between the three. It will guide you in knowing the features of the color and which color serves you in the best possible manner to fulfill your requirements.

Spray Paint vs Plasti Dip vs Powder Coat

Let’s move on to enrich the knowledge on the same.

Plasti Dip

It is an air-dry and serves multipurpose rubber coating. From automotive customization to home the improvement it provides a wide range of coating solutions. The layer of this color is flexible, long-lasting, shielding, peelable and non-slip.

Features of Plasti Dip

  • At most surfaces, the Plasti dip gets peelable and removable.
  • It is used to verify the temperature ranging from 300F – 2000F.
  • Over time it continues to be flexible and stretchy.
  • In extreme weather condition, it will not crack.
  • It offers controlled and comfy grip.
  • Against moisture, acids, corrosion, abrasions it helps in protecting the coated items.

Plasti Dip

Spray Paint

On some materials the paint is put on by making use of spray paints. The technique of spraying the paint on different types of materials is known as spray painting. Different types of spray paintings are – air gun painting, HVLP, LVLP, the spray booths and electrostatic spray painting.

Spray Paint

Powder Coating

In a dehydrated form, the powder coating is applied in the form of free-flowing powder. Electrostatically the layer is applied, and then under heat, it is cured due to which a skin is formed. It can be used for potential applications, but mainly it is meant for coat metals. It is durable and free from air pollution. You will observe very little waste.

Powder Coating

From the information as mentioned above you will come to know about plasti dip, spray paint and powder coating.

After getting familiar with these types of paint, I will draw the comparison between the three.

Plasti Dip vs Paint

From this below mentioned table you can point out the differences between the two.

Plasti DipSpray Paint
It serves as the air-dry specialty rubber coating.It is used to paint a project in the faster way.
It looks after the items against the elements.To enjoy the paint stick in better ways, you can apply a primer.
It is flexible and stretchy.With a coat or two of paint, you can spray the item when it dries up.
It doesn’t not last for longer time though it acts as a protective barrier.The high quality spray paint will last longer if you apply it correctly.
More expensive than spray paint can.It serves as the cheapest route.
Comparatively, it doesn’t seem nice like spray paint.More appealing in appearance than plasti dip.
Easily torn or ripped and amount of colors are limited to choose.Can be applied to different materials like plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass. The vapors are toxic so be careful while using.

After discussing the dissimilarities between plasti dip vs. paint, now I will move on to the plasti dip vs. powder coat.

Plasti Dip vs Powder Coat

 Plasti Dip  Powder Coat
It is easy to apply and take off. Now   and then you can go for this cheapest option that will provide you quick change.It serves the long term and is most expensive. You cannot fix it quickly like a plasti dip. It remains permanent unless you hit it.
Less durable than powder coat.It is long-lasting .
Easy to redo.Tough to redo.
It looks horrid.It seems cleaner.
Like spray paint, it is applied as it serves as the air-dry specialty rubber coating.It is used in powder form and offers protective finish. Resin, flow modifiers, leveling agents and pigments are melted to form the fine powder.
Due to its semi-permanence, it is considered the famous product in automobile community.It is resistant to elements like wind, snow, rain, UV rays. You cannot apply powder coat to some wood, rubber or plastics.
The amount of colors is limited to choose from. Can easily be torn.It can be applied to the projects that are electromagnetic and can endure temperatures – 375 to 4000F.

From the table mentioned above, you can make out the differences between plasti dip vs. powder coat.

Comparison between the coatings

This article will make you aware of the differences between plasti dip vs. paint vs. powder coat. You can choose any type of the paints as per your requirement and preference. The tables mentioned in this article regarding plasti dip vs. paint and plasti dip vs. powder coat will guide you to identify the differences between the coatings.

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