Can you Tint Kilz Primer – Answer from the Experts

Can you Tint Kilz Primer

The Kilz Original Primer is designed for the indoors – to protect your walls from interior stains such as grease, water, smoke, and tannins. It is a popular primer, recommended by most painting professionals. If you are working with it too, you should know whether you can tint it before going forward with the DIY project.

Can you Tint Kilz Primer?

A Brief About the Kilz Primer

The Kilz Primer works on stain-blocking technology that seals porous surfaces and promotes adhesion of the paint. It has been formulated to block light to medium stains, hide previous color coats completely, and prevent odors better than most in its league.

Kilz Primer has been in the market for 4 decades now and its adhesion properties are among the best today. The primer is also extremely versatile and you can use it on plaster, drywall, masonry, painted metal, brick, paneling, and wood.

Things to Note

  • It is not suitable for flooring and surfaces prone to mildew
  • You should apply the first paint coat within 1 hour of applying the Kilz primer

Can You Tint Kilz Primer?

This is a common question and the answer is very positive – Yes, you can tint Kilz primer.

The manufacturers recommend that you tint their Original Interior Oil-based Primer with paint in the ratio 2 ounces : 1 gallon. This formula is best-suited for non-stain-blocking projects. They also recommend that you compare the color of the top coat you are going to use and use a lighter shade of that color to tint your primer.

How to Tint Kilz Primer

KIlz primer is very easy to tint. You just have to ensure that the paint you choose to tint Kilz primer with is compatible with the primer itself. Non-compatible paints will not work well, ruining the finishing of your walls.

Also, remember to add only the recommended amount of paint. Anything more can give you undesirable results.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What Color Should I Tint my Primer?

Experts recommend a shade lighter than that of the paint.

Can We Mix Color in Primer?

Yes, we can.

Can Kilz Oil-based Primer be Tinted?

Yes, it can.

Should I Use White or Grey Primer?

White primer is the most commonly used option. You can also go with a shade lighter than the paint.

What is Tinted Primer?

Primer with some color/paint added to it is called tinted primer.


While Kilz primer can be tinted, it is important to ensure that you do it right. We recommend that you go through the instructions provided and add color/paint accordingly. It is quite easy and will give you the desired results. If you need any additional help, please feel free to ask us.

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