How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry on Plastic, Metal and Wood

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry

Are you planning to use spray paints at your home or workplace? If yes then enjoy it, as spray paints are easy and faster to apply then brush painting, especially when you use paint sprayer like an latest HVLP spray gun. You require little time to finish your spray paint. While painting the whole home or working place, you come across various things like plastic, metal, and wood.


Do you know how long does spray paint take to dry on plastic, metal, and wood? If no, then this post will provide immense knowledge on the same so that you can easily gain the idea on the same. Let’s move ahead for further discussion.

How Long Does Spray Paint Take to Dry?

1) How long does it take for spray paint to dry on plastic?

If you are applying spray paints on plastic, then you must be aware of the time taken to dry the paint which will help you with the further coating or finalize the finish.

The time taken to dry the spray paints on plastic depends on the quality of spray paints. If you use the low variety of spray paints, then it will take adequate time to dry, and you can easily wash it off after some time. On the contrary if your spray paint is of high quality then you can’t wash it off effortlessly as they are wash resistant. You can enjoy more beautiful base with this type of color as it is sturdy and is of superior quality. Near about 20-30 minutes are required to dry the paint on plastic, but it may vary depending on the material of the product.

How long does it take for spray paint to dry on plastic

2) How long does spray paint take to dry on metal?

The metal stuff is strong, and when you apply spray paint to it, then you can enjoy neat and clean surface due to the hard layer of the spray paint. The durable enamel paint is apt for the metals. You can clean it easily as its base is oily which will take more time to dry. The spray paint on metal may take about 36-48 hours to dry.

  • The technique of spray paint on metal – Make use of grain sandpaper to rub your metal piece so that you can clean off paint peeling and rust. As a result, you will get smooth and clean surface apply spray paint. After the application, you can use the paper towel to wipe down the metal. If you sense lead in the color, then make use of face mask to protect yourself from any allergy. This technique is applicable in the ventilated region.

How long does spray paint take to dry on metal

3) How long does spray paint take to dry on wood?

For applying the spray paints on wood, you have to consider all the directions of the wood piece like handles, base, legs, corners, and arms. When you go for recoating the spray paints on woods, then it will approximately take 10-15 minutes to dry the paint.

  • The way of wood paint application – Before applying the paint ensure that your piece of furniture should be free from dirt. To clean it off you can use wet rag cloth. Make use of the medium to high-coarseness sandpaper to rub your furniture to check irregularities. For spraying paint on wood, you should make use of long and even strokes. Avoid holding undue color on the different areas of the wood as it may result in various types of shapes. Check the drops at prone areas like corners and legs. Apply more paint to provide symmetric appearance.
  • From the information as mentioned above, you can make out the time taken to dry out the spray paint on different types of materials or products. The drying of spray paint not only depends on the material to which you applied the paint but weather too decides the time needed for drying the surface.
  • If you paint in cold weather, then your piece of painting requires more time to dry up as compare to hot weather. In winters you can face the issues of the dew.

How long does spray paint take to dry on wood

Final Verdict

Make your home or workplace pleasant by making use of spray paints. You can recoat the color to enhance the look so that you can enjoy the smoother look. Ensure you don’t use excessive paint that results in the mess.

If you are bounded with time to finish off the spray paint task on your items, then this post will guide you in discovering the time required to dry off the surface area. Conclusively you can plan things accordingly and can easily enjoy the task of spray paints. Remember one point that if you smell the strong odor of your paint, then you have to give more time to the surface area to make it dry properly.

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