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How to Remove House Paint from Car- Take off Latex From Car Body

How to Remove House Paint from Car

Imagine if you’ve just had your house remodeled, with the latest furniture and fixtures, meticulously chosen floorboards, carpets imported from some unique bohemian company, and the whole shebang. After the entire process of carefully selecting the most precise shade of paint from thousands of alternatives (half of which look entirely identical) finally, your task is done.

Well, the euphoria is temporary because soon enough, you find out that somehow, the house paint has also ended up in your car. It is a very common occurrence that many, many people have faced. Not necessarily after a renovation or remodeling, but such accidents happen due to the most unexpected variables. Getting house paint on a car is frustrating, especially if you have an expensive car or have gotten it recently serviced. You might have to get your car paint renewed, which is also rather costly, or you can try one of the few ways in which house paint can be removed from your vehicle. 

If you choose to take care of the problem by yourself, you are in luck as it requires little manual labor but also a bit of patience. You can use various products which are easily available in the market to remove the latex from the exterior of the car. The process itself can be done in multiple ways. This article will give you a brief idea of removing house paint from the car.

How to Remove House Paint from Car

Method 1:

1. Mark the damaged area

Firstly, you can mark the area on which the paint has damaged the exterior so that every bit of that paint is removed and you do not miss any spots. It is essential to mark the area with masking paint to also protect the other parts too from getting damaged by the substances, as the house paint-splattered area will be alright due to the paint being on the surface of the car, but the rest of the surfaces should be not disturbed. Rubbing alcohol, oil-based cleansers, clay bars, etc. are some items generally used to remove paint from the car. 

How to Remove House Paint from Car

2. Use Alcohol-based cleaning liquid

If you select to use denatured alcohol, or any other alcohol-based cleaning liquid, make sure you have proper safety equipment to protect your hands and eyes. A clean towel or cloth can be used to apply or rub the denatured alcohol or another alcohol-based cleanser on the damaged surface. The area might get saturated and have a gummy texture after the alcohol is rubbed in. Make sure that the process is carried on in a completely shady area so that the area is not harmed further due to sunlight. 

How to Remove House Paint from Car

3. The final step

After applying the solution, wait for the alcohol to evaporate then try to remove the residual paint using a blunt object like a plastic knife or scraper, which is not sharp enough to remove the actual car paint. You can also use more quantity of the alcohol solution if the paint does not come off quickly. Keep in mind, if the house paint is of acrylic composition.

This method might work the best, but there are chances of damaging the exterior of the car due to some alcohol-based cleansers.

Method 2:

1. Marking the areas of damage

Similar to method 1, you have to mark the areas that contain the paint mark on the exterior surface of your car.

2. Use an Oil-based Cleanser 

One of the other alternatives is to use an oil-based cleanser, which can be easily found in any grocery store. Oil-based cleaners are generally used to remove adhesives and sticky substances. Just apply the product on the affected area and wait for it to dry completely, and then use a fresh towel to wipe off the cleanser. Most of the oil-based cleaning products do not leave any sticky residue and have minimal damage on the surface of the car. Clay bars are also commonly used to remove paint from the exterior of cars and are available at car dealerships or automobile shops. 

Clean up the Mess

Make sure to wash the area with soap and water immediately after the removal process so that all the chemical products are completely washed off; otherwise, they can damage the exterior of the car. After washing and drying the area, you can also apply wax for a proper finish.

Some of the most recommended products are Goo Gone, heavy-duty degreasers, rubbing alcohols, acetone, and wax. There are chances that these products might end up damaging the original car paint or the surface of the exterior. Thus it is necessary to be cautious at all times and try on a small area first before carrying out the whole process. So, next time when you see this disaster in your car, don’t freak out. Reread this article, and you are the Pro. Also, if you are not so sure about the whole cleaning process, then we would recommend you visit the experts and let them handle it.

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