Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black – Differences That You Should Know About

Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black

Paints are of many different colors. As if that wasn’t confusing enough, each paint has different textures. In your DIY paint projects, you may have come across terms such as matte, satin, and gloss. For someone who’s new to the world of paints, all these terms can be overwhelming – especially when you don’t want to make mistakes.

Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black

If that is the situation you are in, you have come to the right place. We have penned this article to help you distinguish between satin black paint and matte black, specifically for your car.

Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black – A Brief

Satin and matte are two significant variations of the same color. Having said that, you must note that the differences are quite significant.

Matte Black Paint 

Also referred to as flat black, this kind of paint has no gloss whatsoever. It is basically black paint with no bells and whistles. It is suitable for the hoods of cars and gives a modern look, because the plain effect is coming back into vogue.

Matte black reflects the least amount of light and is visible in all its glory, plain and simple for all of us to see.

Satin Black Paint

Satin black paint has around 30% gloss and shine. It is not as glossy as actual gloss paint but not flat either. It is a mix of both, we must say. When you apply satin black paint, you will see considerable amount of shine because satin is reflective. It combines the uniqueness of matte black and the shine of the glossy black.

Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black – The Differences


Matte black paint will cost you less than satin paint. Its MRP is usually less and the time taken to paint is also less in comparison. Satin paint application takes at least a few hours more.


different car textures for paint colors Matte black does not need a lot of technique. You can apply it without worrying much about the different car textures for paint colorspattern or corners. Satin requires technique and careful application. Otherwise flaws in painting will be clear once it dries.


Satin black paint wins this round. It is easier to clean and maintain because scrubbing will not peel it off. It is also quite sturdy. Matte paints are suitable for areas that will not be subjected to a lot of wear and tear.


Satin paint is more durable and easy to maintain. Chances of having to repaint satin black are slimmer than matte. This is another reason why satin is a good choice.

Satin Black Paint Vs Matte Black – The Verdict

Our vote goes to satin black paint because even though it is expensive and requires professional painting, it is long-lasting, more durable, and easy to maintain. Matte paint is more suitable for low-maintenance areas and unique aesthetics. 

Make sure you decide based on your preferences and requirements. All the best!

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