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How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint – Recover your Spray Paint Mistakes

How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint?

Some people enjoy painting their pieces in their leisure time. Using a spray paint for painting the objects is comparatively easy, it is less time consuming and people generally enjoy spray painting as compared to the regular brush painting. Spray paints give a more smooth and polished finish then brush paint.

There might be instances when you notice that the color is uneven in some areas.

Making mistakes is so common when you are learning something new or trying it for the first time, right? But then you wonder if you should continue painting or not then I would suggest fixing your errors by following some simple methods and tips rather than stopping to paint or scrapping the entire paint. There are many common mistakes that one might notice. I have listed all the errors along with the solutions to fix it.

How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint?

How to Fix Uneven Spray Paint?

Orange peel:

This is one of the most common mistakes noted after painting a surface, in this the area looks like that of an orange peel. There are many reasons which can cause orange peel some of the common mistakes are not using the proper reducer, multiple coats of paint without drying the previous coating and sometimes it might be due to the dirt on the surface as well.


For removing those orange peels from the surface, sand the paint such that upper final coat is smooth then spray the paint again by keeping the spray can close to the surface to avoid orange peels on the painted surface.


Fisheyes are the round and circular craters that are spread on the film. One primary reason for fisheyes is contamination. Contamination can be on the substrate which is to be in painted or in the oil or wax which can cause such fisheyes on your painted objects.


 If you notice fisheyes on the surface where you have painted then first make sure that the surface you are spraying the paint on is free from any contamination. Dirt, moisture, and rust are the major causes of such fisheyes.

Now if the paint has dried then wet sand down the paint to the primer or the base of the surface. Clean the surface thoroughly and apply the paint.

However if the paint is still wet then wipe off the surface, clean it and apply the paint again.

Here’s a tip, before you start painting make sure that the surface is clean and free of moisture.

Paint drips:

 You might have observed paint runs and paint drips that are very common. Paint drips are usually caused due to using too much reducer or an improper reducer. Other reasons include the inappropriate air pressure that might be there when you spray paint the surface.


If your paint has dried up, then use fine grit sandpaper and smooth out the runs. You can also buff it and try to make it as smooth as possible.

In case your paint is still wet then smooth out the drips using a paint brush. Then you start applying thin coats of paint making sure that the pressure is equal everywhere. You can also check if the reducer is making your paint’s consistency runny.

Here’s a quick tip, when you are painting make sure that you apply thin coats instead of thick coats and let it dry before you apply the coating. Also constantly move or shake your spray paint can for even application.

Many other errors can be noticed such as cracking, blistering, peeling, etc. where the color starts peeling, has begun forming cracks and the application is uneven.

For rectifying all such mistakes and other errors that you might come across you need to use this one pro tip which will be helpful in solving your problems.

Pro tip:

A lot of such painting errors can be fixed by using sandpaper and some coats of paint. All you have to do is use fine grit sandpaper on the painted surface and start applying coats that are not heavy.

Also, make sure that the nozzle of the spray is not dirty and shake the spray can well, so the paint is mixed well before starting to paint.

All these are the quick fixes and will help you to get that professional finish of your painted objects on the go!

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