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How to Thin Latex Paint for Spray Gun? – Find Here the Easiest Method

thin latex paint

If you don’t use your latex paint or keep it in open air for the much longer time, then it gets thick. Make sure on the day of painting your paint should be thin so that you can paint accurately. For uniform coating and touch, you need proper thinning. In case you don’t carry out the color appropriately then it will result in mess up.

You should know why your paint get thickened? Your latex paint gets thickened due to number of reasons –

  • If you don’t close the lid of the can properly then the moisture present in the paint gets evaporated that results in the thickness of the paint.
  • If you store the latex paint for the longer time, then it will lead to improper consistency.

How to Thin Latex Paint for Spray Gun?

For spray guns, the paint must be thin. Now you must be thinking how to thin latex paint for spraying? In this post, I will make you familiar with certain techniques that will provide outstanding outcomes. So let’s move ahead so that you can gain knowledge about the same.

thin latex paint

  • Administer whether your paint needs thinning – You don’t require to thin all the latex paints. Conduct a test to know which latex paints need thinning. In the paint can insert a stirring tool and then after few minutes pull it out. Make sure that above the Paint Can you position the stirring device so that drops do not get on the floor. If you observe that the color easily falls off the tool, then it is thin, and you don’t require to make it thinner. On the contrary, if your paint stays on the device and seems clumsy then consider it thick. Make it thin for even application.
  • Mix water to the paint – Take an empty can and fill it with half a gallon of water. Then add latex paint and half a gallon of water. Include another half-gallon of water and then pour the mixture of paint and water in back and forth way. Pour some water over the surface of the paint while storing a can of the paint. Do not shake to avoid bubbles. You can prevent the formation of the solid skin like component on the top part of the paint by adding water.
  • Commercial Diluent – You can also use commercial diluent known as thinner to make your paint consistent. The instructions are mentioned on the containers to guide you how to use. Make sure you wear gear and mix it in the well-aired room so that harmful fumes do not affect you adversely. The diluent should be well-suited to the paint. To enjoy the smoothness of the paint, add thinner in appropriate quantity.
  • Use of conditioner – You don’t have to over thin the paint as it will create the problem in coloring so if you use conditioner, then it will result in the proper flow and smoothing. The drying time will also extend by making use of it.

Final Verdict

So to avoid the thickness of paint and to enjoy the proper consistency go for the addition of water in the paint. It will trial and error process for you and keep on adding the water until you achieved the proper consistency. You will find paint thinner expensive and has a shorter lifespan than the paint mixed with water. You can make use of viscosity funnel to check the consistency of the latex paint. Arrange water, clean and empty gallon cans for thinning latex paint. It is the easy process to mix water in latex paint and make it thin so that you can color the surface as per your wish. You don’t have to spend money on buying the new paint can.

From this post, you will come to know how to thin latex paint through which you can enjoy your latex paint coloring. On thinning the paint, you can conveniently make use of HVLP spray guns and even go for the uniform coating that will give amazing results.

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