Best 12 Volt Sprayer Pump – Top Picks For You In 2022

Best 12 Volt Sprayer Pump

Taking care of a vast garden comes with its challenges. The biggest one is to keep pests away from it. While there are many ways to do it, a sprayer pump is the best choice. This is because it is quick and effective, enabling you to protect your garden or agricultural space well. In this article, we will help you buy the right pump so that you are able to take full advantage of this innovation.

Best 12 Volt Sprayer Pump – Buying Guide

Of course, we will start by giving you a few important tips. Since you will be attaching the pump to your ATV or tractor, you must be mindful during purchase. The pump has to meet a few important criteria such as the following:

  • Choose a pump that’s heavy-duty and is able to self-prime
  • The pressure ability will depend on the power you are looking at – how far do you need to spray the pesticide? How much liquid do you need to pump?
  • The sprayer pump should also be durable and resistant to damage when it runs dry
  • The delivery hose length is another consideration. You should find the sweet spot so that the chemical doesn’t fight against too much friction to reach the gun.

Editor’s choice

We have shortlisted some good products from the online world to make the purchase process easy for you. 

1. Aimela 12V DC Fresh Water Pump

Aimela 12V DC Fresh Water PumpThis is a pressure-boost water pump, made specifically to help you spray fresh water in various applications. From gardens to agriculture to camper pressure supply, this pump has many uses. Read on to go through its features:

  • The pump is made of PPS material and has a roughened motor made of copper. Together, they ensure high performance and durability.
  • The maximum flow rate is 120 liters per minute.
  • The pump is very easy to use thanks to its built-in pressure switch. It automatically switches off and restarts when the pressure is too low.
  • It comes with 2 hose clamps to enable varied usage.
  • The pump has anti-vibration and special noise reduction technology.
  • In-built pressure switch
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Self-priming
  • Not designed to spray chemicals


2. Everflo EF5500-BOX 5.5GPM 12V Pump

Everflo EF5500-BOX 5.5GPM 12V PumpThe Everflo sprayer pump is an Amazon’s Choice product. It is a self-priming pump compatible with ½ FNPT connections. Below are a few more details:

  • It is a manual pump made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene.
  • The pump is self-priming up to 8 feet.
  • You can use it for multiple agricultural applications.
  • Its standard mounting pattern makes it compatible with most sprayer tanks.
  • The pump is a perfect choice for sanitization and disinfection.
  • It can handle 60 PSI or less.
  • Universal port
  • Automatic shut off
  • Has Viton valves for efficiency
  • Expensive
  • A few users have complained about leaks


3. AG South 5151088 12 Volt Diaphragm Sprayer Pump

AG South 5151088 12 VoltThe AG South Sprayer Pump is a corded electric pump with a maximum flow rate of 4.5 gallons per minute. Read on to find out why it is a good choice:

  • Its specifications are quite impressive – up to 60 PSI, 15 Amps fuse, Santoprene diaphragm, and an internal valve to cool the motor.
  • It has Viton valves that optimize performance and ensure good performance.
  • The elastomers are resistant to chemicals. 
  • You can use this sprayer pump with Roundup.
  • Even if the pump runs dry, it will not get damaged. This will also have no effect on the reliability.
  • The built-in check valves make sure that there’s no backflow. They also maintain consistent pressure.
  • In-line fusion protection
  • Flexible compatibility
  • 2-year warranty
  • The fittings are not of the best quality


4. FIMCO 5151087 2.4G GPM 12V Diaphragm Sprayer Pump

FIMCO 5151087 2.4G GPM 12V Diaphragm Sprayer PumpFIMCO offers a battery-powered sprayer pump that works quite efficiently in small spaces. You can use it for water and chemicals for various agricultural purposes. Let’s find out more:

  • The sprayer pump has a 10 Amps fuse and Viton valves.
  • It has a Santoprene diaphragm that works with most sprayers without any problems.
  • Its flow rate is around 2.4 GPM.
  • It has a good motor life and improved check valves, when compared to the old design.
  • The chamber flow is optimized and smooth.
  • Its maximum pressure handling capacity is 60 PSI.
  • Can be used with RoundUp
  • Good spraying distance
  • Flow rate could be better
  • No automatic shut OFF


5. DC House 33-Series 12V Diaphragm Pump 

DC House 33-Series 12V Diaphragm Pump The DC House sprayer pump is one of the more reliable ones out there and is quite decently priced. So, if you are tight on budget, you can always consider this model. We have enlisted some of its features below:

  • It is suitable for yacht, caravan, RV, etc. Even though it is mainly a water sprayer, you can also use it to spray insecticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals.
  • The pump has a flow rate of 3 gallons per minute.
  • It is able to handle pressure up to 45 PSI.
  • It is a self-priming pump up to 9.8 feet.
  • The entire pump is thermally protecteFlvd. You don’t have to worry about it get damaged when dry.
  • Its operation is very streamlined and quiet.
  • The manufacturers offer an incredible warranty of 4 years.
  • Auto shut-off when it overheats
  • Silent operation
  • Affordable
  • Versatile usage
  • Some users have experienced slow drips after the first few weeks of usage



A good water pump will take all your troubles away and help you spray chemicals or water with the required pressure and at the right distance. Choosing a self-priming one is always a good choice because it promises efficiency and optimization. We look forward to you purchasing one of our recommendations and transforming the way you protect your crop. If there are any doubts, please talk to us and we will do our best to help you out.

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