Best Cordless Battery Operated Paint Sprayer

Now that summer is here; it’s time for all those DIY projects to come out of your garage. Utilize the summer as much as possible by getting all your pending work done. Think you need a new coat of paint for your garage? Make it a DIY! In fact, most jobs around the house can be easily done as a DIY thanks to amazing products available that help you immensely in doing the job.

Best Cordless Battery Operated Paint Sprayer

Why should you use cordless sprayers?

If you have a big painting job to do, a cordless paint sprayer will reduce the time and effort you need to complete the job, while maximizing efficiency and giving a perfect finish to your painting job.

The list of cordless paint sprayers and battery operated paint sprayers we have organized for you will make any painting job around the house a piece of cake!

1) Chapin 63985 4-Gallon Wide Mouth 20v Battery Paint Sprayer 

Chapin 63985The Chapin 20V cordless paint sprayer is one of the best options for a DIY paint project. It features a 20V lithium-ion battery along with a battery charger that can provide up to 1.75 hours of continuous spraying, which is approximately 50 gallons.

  • It has a maximum of 35-foot horizontal spray stream, increasing your range and comfort while doing any project.
  • A 6-inch wide mouth funnel gives easy cleaning and filling
  • Its weight is 39% less than its competitive units
  • For maximum chemical resistance, Santoprene is used to  seal in the pump
  • A built-in filter is present at the nozzle tip so that no debris can clog it
  • Deluxe padded straps along with straps for waist and chest are added to aid in prolonged use
  • Cushion grip and 3 varieties of nozzles available to customize spraying
  • The shut-off feature present in this does not have a turn on/ off switch


2) Root Lowell Flo-Master Battery Powered Sprayer


Root Lowell 5This sprayer is a battery operated paint sprayer that can be hoisted on your shoulders with the help of shoulder straps. No pumping is needed for the operation of this sprayer, making it very easy to use.

  • The sprayer uses 4D batteries that are included in the kit
  • One set of batteries spray approximately 18 gallons of liquid
  • The adjustable nozzle with the padded shoulder straps extends your reach and allows you to paint better in narrow areas
  • A telescoping wand is included in this kit, with a range of 16 inches to 35 inches
  • This sprayer is not recommended for any flammable, caustic, corrosive, heated or self-healing solutions.


3) Graco TrueCoat 16N657 Pro II Cordless Paint Sprayer


Graco 16N657This Graco product is actually a 20V cordless paint sprayer and is one of the fastest and easiest ways to complete small projects that are piling up. It can spray without any thinning required. It’s compact and lightweight design allows you to spray longer and more effectively.

  • Get the perfect spray finish by adjusting the pressure for a consistent and even spray pattern.
  • It is so lightweight and compact it can fit in the palm of your hand!
  • The tilt-and-spray motion of the suction tube provides a larger range of spraying motion above and below up to 45 degrees
  • All the components in this cordless sprayer can be replaced with simple, modular components to ensure a long-lasting life of the sprayer
  • It can spray on a wide range of coatings from latex to acrylic
  • Do not use with materials that mention “flammable” on their packaging


4) Wagner Cordless Power Painter

Wagner Cordless Power PainterThis Wagner cordless sprayer is a great option for your house, fence, and deck painting among other projects. The backpack contained in the kit acts as a portable container of paint to provide you with maximum mobility.

  • An Optimus dual fan patterned spray tip helps deliver a professional finish to the paint job
  • The spray head contains a battery charge indicator which keeps you informed if you need to charge your battery
  • The kit also contains two batteries of 18V each along with a battery charger that takes one hour to charge your battery completely
  • For bigger paint jobs, the remote suction functionality can be set to draw the paint directly from the paint can
  • Its spray speed is 6.6 gallons per hour


5) Graco 24F893 ProPack Portable Spray Pack for TrueCoat Pro Paint Sprayer


Graco 24F893 ProPackThis Graco ProPack is a  cordless paint sprayer that allows you to complete any small projects in and around your home without interruptions or refills.

  • It holds up to 1 gallon of paint for continuous use with one battery charge
  • This pack includes the portable spray pack, container of capacity 1 gallon, air compressor, 9V battery, and 5 feet of hose.
  • It has a limited warranty of 1 year, protecting your investment from any mishap.
  • The ergonomic backpack included in this pack shifts the weight evenly on your shoulders and back, letting you move freely for a longer spraying time
  • This sprayer pressurizes the paint to attain maximum spray pressure allowing it to work for up to 5 hours non-stop on a 9V battery charge
  • The spray tips are stored in a special pouch included in the bag


What are the benefits of cordless sprayers?

  1. A cordless paint sprayer or a battery-operated paint sprayer has the huge advantage of mobility. While the other paint sprayers will run off the mains and have a lead attached to it, a cordless sprayer will be free of all such entanglements.
  2. A cordless sprayer will also have greater reach as they can be carried anywhere while the corded sprayers will only be able to travel up to a fixed distance from the mains.
  3. A cordless paint sprayer is also fairly lightweight, allowing you to use it for longer hours with lesser effort. You no longer have to complain of body pains arising from operating heavy paint sprayers for long hours.
  4. Cordless paint sprayers come with the special type of motors that ensures a consistent flow of paint, giving rise to less dripping. Thus cordless paint sprayers give a smoother and more even finish than other paint sprayers.

How to choose cordless sprayers?

To pick the right cordless sprayer for your painting jobs, there are a few parameters that help-

  1. Knowing the pressure of the sprayer- If you are using heavy paints in your painting job you will require a sprayer with higher pressure. If you want to vary the pressure of the sprayer for light/ heavy coats, look for a sprayer with variable pressure settings.
  2. Knowing the volume of the sprayer- Deciding how many times you wish to stop for a refill during your paint job is a huge factor. If you dislike filling up your sprayer over and over, choose one with a higher capacity. If you are looking for a smaller and more lightweight model, its capacity will also reduce accordingly, increasing the number of refills. Depending on the job you have at hand, choose a large or small sized sprayer.
  3. The sprayer tips- The kind of finish you want on your painting DIY will also depend on the kind of cordless sprayer you get. Spray tips are those which slip into the front side of the sprayer. The type of tip you need will depend on the finish you desire, the paint you are using and the surface you are spraying.

By now you will have your favorites among the cordless paint sprayers above. So choose one and get working on re-upholstering, re-finishing or simply painting things inside and outside your home! Don’t forget to keep safe and follow the instructions that come with the battery operated paint sprayer you purchase and study the equipment properly before beginning to use it.

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