Best Spray Gun for Plasti DIP: Top Paint Guns of 2019

Best Spray Gun for Plasti DIP

Are you looking for coating solutions that provide automotive customization along with the enhancement of your home then you must be looking for Plasti Dip paint gun as it allows for durable rubber coating?

Now the question is how will you be able to judge that which are useful Plasti Dip spray guns that are available in the market or the products that make your painting task smooth and easy.

In this post you will get to know the answer of the same.

Best Spray Gun for Plasti DIP

1. DYC DipSprayer SystemDYC DipSprayer System

DYC DipSprayer is the Plasti Dip Spray Gun that will deliver better user experience. The project this sprayer system from the ground upon which you will find the backing of Earlex.

  • Over the 3500 turbines, you will find 50% more PSI and more significant than CFM which will provide enhanced atomization and evener surface.
  • You can have improved atomization of dip by making use of needle which is of particular size and shape.
  • The gun can rotate 360 degrees by making use of DYC Quick Connect Hose.
  • At the time of application, the gun locks in place to avoid hose cracking out.
  • It holds paint cup of 48 oz. ,16.5 feet long DYC quick connect hose, a spare gasket, two additional needle seals, a needle removal tool and a replacement air filter.
  • The air temperature is reduced by the smooth bore which is highly durable.


Each time you spray the products of Rubber Dip Spray or Plasti Dip you will experience the smoother finish. If you prefer perfect blending, then attach this tool to any domestic drill. Before usage, you can mix and blend dip gallons by connecting to any household drill.  

2. DipSprayer Spray Gun for Plasti DIPDipSprayer Spray Gun Replacement

DipYourCar presents the spray gun replacement which you will find in the DYC DipSprayer system. The air will be sucked through the straw present in the container.

  • It comprises paint cup of 32 oz which is well-matched with the DYC quick connect hose.
  • For better atomization and evener finish, it makes use of the DipTip needle.
  • This tool is well suited with the DYC DipSprayer quick connect hose.


This appliance will provide you excellent results so you can make use of it in any of your projects.

3. Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray Gun Can-Gun1 2012 Aerosol Spray

SafeWorld International Inc. offers Can-Gun1 2012 which is one of the best spray guns for Plasti Dip. You can make use of this device for easy spraying by making use of first full grip trigger. The two times leverage action will make your task simple and quick. It is one of the best spray guns for Plasti Dip.

  • It contains 77.3% recycled plastic and can be fitted to all hand sizes.
  • You can enjoy lifetime warranty in this USA made the product.
  • The design is arthritis friendly which will help in keeping away the stiffness.
  • It enjoys the advantage of 2x leverage along with 2 can guns.
  • You will find it the world’s leading full grip e-z pull trigger.


If you are searching universal fit for all cans, then make use of this device which will provide you satisfactory results. As per your convenience, you can make use of this reusable product.

4. Wagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer for Plasti DIPWagner 0529031 Paint Sprayer

Wagner 0529031 is the paint sprayer by the Wagner Spraytech. It can work for MotoCoat complete car and truck paint sprayer. You don’t have to add equipment to apply coatings to automobiles.

  • Around your vehicle, you will find complete maneuverability due to 39-feet of high-flex hose.
  • For quick clean-up and color changes, you can separate the spray attachments.
  • It will provide you smooth finish with the help of nozzle and cup attachment which sprays thin paint.
  • You can paint anywhere due to portable power and can experience exceptional atomization with the help of X-Boost turbine.


If you are looking for thick coating with a surfaced finish, then make use of this apparatus that holds iSpray nozzle and cup attachment to provide users protective coatings.

5. Plasti Dip Rim KitPlasti Dip Rim Kit

Plasti Dip Rim Kit contains four spray cans in black color, one Cangun, one trigger spray tool and two aerosol cans glossifier. To get a shiny gloss finish, you can spray glossifier over the black.

  • For the full range of projects and applications, you can make use of this equipment which is coated with the synthetic rubber.
  • You can coat the automotive detailing and coating wheels using this device.
  • In an aerosol can you can easily apply the matte rubber finish.
  • In extreme weather, it will not crack and can fight moisture, acids and unsafe weather.
  • Make use of this anti-skid and anti-slip device which will safe from electrical shock.
  • It is flexible and stretchy along with unaffected by scratches and cuts.


You can enjoy the smooth matte finish by spraying your wheels with the Black Plasti Dip. The plus point is that without affecting the car’s OEM finish, you can coat the painting graphics that gets unwrapped.

6. Plasti Dip KitPlasti Dip Kit

grIn this device, you will find two white Plasti dip cans, 3M automotive masking tape, and a spray gun. This kit is meant for the multi-purpose which will provide you exceptional covering outcomes due to its perfect balanced arrangement.

  • For dipping vehicle or wheels this tool will serve you ideally. You can apply it through dipping, brushing or spraying.
  • It attacks moisture, acids, and corrosions and is responsible for comfy and controlled grip.
  • You will get outstanding straight paint lines from this most exceptional adhesive transfer resistance.
  • It can go on quickly and efficiently to hugs curves and outlines.
  • In extreme weather condition, you will not face the issues of cracks or brittleness.


This snap and spray aerosol spray gun will serve as the air dry and the specialty rubber coating. It holds the stretchy and flexible formula to provide you appropriate results.

7. Earlex HV3500 HVLP Sprayer for Plasti DIPEarlex HV3500 HVLP Sprayer

Wagner offers the Earlex HV3500 spray station which will serve as the perfect homeowner system for the various painting projects. It can correctly work with both oil and water based materials. This device will function as the plasti dip sprayer which is easy to apply with efficiency.

  • It holds 500-watt motor turbine which works as the spray volume control.
  • You will get the nine-foot hose, one container which is extensive, viscosity cup and latex tip.
  • The three-spray pattern adjustor will help in controlling.
  • The front-loading tip, onboard hose and gun storage will make your work smooth and convenient.


Explore the fast three pattern changing system by making use of this device. The thumb control paint flow dial will make your painting task pleasing. Have fun with the great finish.

How to Plasti-Dip Your Car?

Plasti Dip allows durable rubber coating and can make your old car look like a new and a classic one! After all, why to worry about the paint fade, crack and chip if you can plasti dip it with your favorite spray gun, right? Plasti Dip can protect your car color from the sun, winter ice, cold, and even salt. It is durable. And the best part is that you can remove it just by peeling when you decide to have real paint on your car.

How to Plasti-Dip Your Car

Many people, especially the youngsters who want variety in their car colors prefer Plasti Dip. The primary reason is that it is not permanent and still, it serves the purpose well by protecting their car. Here is the step by step process of Plasti Dip your car.

Step 1: Prepare yourself and your car for Plasti Dip.

Buy a large pro car kit including rubber dip spray, tapes, washer, decals, something which you can use for mixing the material, dip guard, microfibre towels, paint stirrer, etc. Then, take out your old buckets, disposable or old clothes, and lots of waste newspapers. Also, don’t forget to wear goggles, face mask, rubber gloves, and appropriate boots before starting the process. Apart from these essential things, you may also need a blade or box cutter, soap and sponges, and water.

Step 2: Decide a place.

After collecting all the stuff mentioned above, move your car to the location where you can apply the Plastic Dip. The Dip requires time to dry after each coat. So, the place must have ventilation and some shady area so that it can protect the car from the direct sunlight. You will also require a consistent source of light for the Plastic Dip application. Don’t select outdoor places as it may increase the risk of debris or dust sticking.

Step 3: Wash the car and Cover the windows.

Before applying the Plastic Dip, wash the car with soap and water. Scrub out the dust particles and rinse the car twice. Then, allow the vehicle to dry out completely. The car must not be wet before application. So, to ensure that it is properly dry, use tissue papers to wipe out the surface. After that, Cover all the windows, mirrors, and essential accessories or surfaces you don’t want to have Plastic Dip with the painter’s tape and newspapers.

Step 4: Spray the Plastic Dip

Start with the first layer and stretch it to five to six layers of the Plastic Dip if you want to have a smooth and consistent coat over the paint. More layer of Plasti Dip also ensures that the user can peel off color easily. There is one thing to keep in mind is that you can peel off the Plasti Dips from the lights and emblems easily with the precise cuts, but if you don’t want any mess, then it is preferable to cover them too before applying the Dip. To protect the wheels, either you can remove them or cover them with the tapes or newspapers.

Step 5: Allow the car to sit

As per my judgment, you have to wait for 15 minutes after completing each layer. Once your job is done, you need to leave the car for a while for the drying process. It will take 4 to 5 hours, and you have to take care that neither you nor your baby nor your pet touches it. Avoid any substance which may cause the damage. At last, you can see that your old car looks classic again.

This task is enormous and can eat a lot of your time. So relax, watch some ‘how to Plasti Dip your car?’ videos and once it cured completely, give some final touch-ups, pamper it well, and have some fantastic road trips with style.

From this post, you can select the Plasti Dip sprayer of your choice and preference. Over the years you will find that Plasti Dip has become popular. The product list as mentioned above will guide you about the spray gun which you can use for Plasti Dip. All products hold great features and of high quality. According to your convenience, you can move for any of the Plasti Dip paint gun mentioned in the product list.


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