Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed and Compared

Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed and Compared

If you are a remodeling contractor, handyman or someone who loves to do DIY, then your painting needs can be solved by the Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer. This product is best for spraying the paint light or medium on any surface. For medium exterior or interior coating functions, this airless sprayer has .017 spray tip. You will get 15% more output than its previous models.

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Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer Reviewed and Compared

Key features of Graco Magnum X7 Airless Paint Sprayer:

Despite being lightweight and medium size, Graco Magnum x7 is really the best equipment when you wish to paint any surface. Be it working on light stains to getting thick coats of latex and acrylics, Graco Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer will work flawlessly. The one thing this machine doesn’t work with is the solvent based lacquers, hot solvents, and textured materials. Once finished the testing, we found these user-friendly features in Graco Magnum x7:

  • The user can adjust the pressure to attain fast priming with every use. To make it beginner friendly, the company has also given symbols for rolling and spraying.
  • Stainless-steel piston pump is durable and manufactured for longer life span to deliver many great spraying jobs.
  • Chrome plated handles are comfortable to hold for longer duration and easy to clean.
  • There is a flexible suction tube that can be used on one to 5-gallon containers to spray the paint directly on the surface.
  • For easy mobility, there is a convenient cart which helps in carrying the paint sprayer almost everywhere.
  • Paint Saver hook that offers support to 100 ft. of paint hose.
  • Power flush adapter can be easily connected to the common garden hose for easy cleaning.
  • A reverse clean spray tip helps in cleaning the material clogs in the paint sprayers.

Graco Magnum X7 Reviews

Graco Magnum x7 is designed for professionals. The whole structure of Graco Magnum x7 parts are made to smoothen the process of painting when you are remodeling the house or doing any DIY painting work. So, if you have to paint the fence, deck or any other surface, the whole process becomes a piece of cake for you. All you need is a masking tape, few preps and you are ready to go.

Also, if you have the tight budget and can’t afford a professional set of equipment, investing in this airless paint sprayer will be much easier. This machine is inexpensive, small to carry anywhere yet can handle approximately 2-3 gallons of output per week.


  • Lightweight paint sprayer which is available at affordable rate.
  • The equipment has wheels smoother transportation anywhere.
  • You can easily use one to five gallons of paint bucket on the sprayer.
  • Limited accessories for easy painting.
  • Can be used to spray any coating.
  • The machine is easy to clean with power flush adapter and reversible spray tip.


  • The spray tips can be easily clogged if thicker paint material is the user.
  • Beginners may over spray the paint in the start.



Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer is a powerful piece of equipment available at a pocket-friendly price. This equipment is versatile, durable and easy to use by the beginners and professionals. With the help of Graco Magnum x7 parts, you can complete almost all kind of paints. For most of the painting jobs, this sprayer works effortlessly, but if you need some unique painting work, you might want to invest in different size gun tip. Overall, Graco Magnum x7 airless paint sprayer is a fascinating piece of equipment for a remodeling contractor.

On the downside, this unit may not be able to handle big jobs and the abuse might kill the machine. The build quality is not top notch, but when you compare it with the price tag, it’s decent. The clogging might give you frustration, but just don’t use thicker material and you will overcome the problem.

All in all, this is a valuable addition to those who are into painting work. If you are a professional with the limited budget, investing in Graco Magnum x7 Airless Paint Sprayer will be worth every penny.

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