Paint Zoom Sprayer Reviews and Complaints – Is it Legit?

Paint Zoom Reviews and Complaints – Is it Legit-

Paint Zoom Sprayer Reviews

If you are a DIYer, then most probably you have heard about Paint Zoom sprayer. As claimed by the company, it is an ultimate professional machine for painting which delivers the right amount of paint fluid to get the perfect finish on any surface. Also, it claims to finish the job with only one coat. Due to these reasons, the Paint Zoom Sprayer is said to be the ‘paint miracle breakthrough’ which cuts nearly half time for painting.

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If you are a professional or an experienced DIY painter, then you may not easily convince with these claims, and if you are a beginner in DIY jobs, then you may be curious about it. There are many positive reviews as well as complaints about Paint Zoom sprayer, and you will surely want to know whether it is legit or not. Let us give a focus on the features, specs, and other details about Paint Zoom Platinum and decide about its legibility.

Features and Specifications of Paint Zoom Platinum Sprayer

The Paint Zoom Sprayer falls into the category of HVLP Spray Paint Guns and comes with a number of user-friendly features and specifications. Check the best of them below.

  • It comes with a 650-watt motor which provides industrial-level performance
  • It makes you free from using brushes, rollers, and paint trays
  • You will be able to get the finish like a pro even if you are doing it for the first time
  • Lightweight design which makes it easy-to-handle
  • Covers the same area like other traditional tools while saving the time and reducing the paint use up to 50%
  • Wood, brick, metal, drywall or any other surface can be painted with it
  • The 3-way direct dial spray head can be adjusted for the horizontal or vertical painting
  • For hard-to-reach areas, it has a feature of spot jet settings
  • One-touch operation which is beginner-friendly and time-saving
  • You can avoid facing the mess caused by the professional tools of painting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee from the manufacturer


Complaints about Paint Zoom

The as seen on TV gives the first impression to people that it is spraying machine which paints the entire home/office instantly without using any other tool. The fact is, it is not unless you get the help of a professional paint decorator. And so, when people buy Paint Zoom Sprayer with this thinking, they start complaining after using it. As a result, when you search for the Paint Zoom Sprayer Reviews or Paint Zoom Complaints, then you mostly see these type of issues raised.

People get into the thinking that they can easily paint any surface with a clear finish by seeing Paint Zoom Sprayer ad on TV and many fake reviews. But the truth is that you have to get practice of painting for some time and should put efforts to get the paint results you want.

Good practice also including well-covering of switches, fans, lights, furniture or any other part in the area that doesn’t need to be painted. Especially when you are using a quick tool like the Paint Zoom Sprayer, then you need to do more preparations. Because if you do not take care properly, there are chances that you spray the paint on your furniture and other parts accidentally. This powerful machine helps to quickly and easily finish the paint job, but you need to finish the preparations first properly.

But this cannot be a complaint part because even if you use a simple brush and roller for painting, you need do the same preparations first. So, these kinds of complaints can’t be the proof of that the Paint Zoom Sprayer is not a legit product. But, people who can’t properly do the pre-paint work complain about the Paint Zoom Sprayer.

More complaints

Another one from the most common Paint Zoom negative reviews is the complaint about the paint canister which is the held by the machine itself. Many people reviewed that the canister is so small that it cannot hold enough paint to finish their single job without messing with the paint fill up process many times.  

Many people also complain that they cannot use the Paint Zoom Sprayer right out of the box and they have to spend some time in diluting the paint for the perfect spray consistency.

Another most common complain about Paint Zoom is that it is too noisy and get the heat quickly after a small time of use. Some users have the complaint about the hose movement and attachments.

These problems are not big deals and can also be solved by some smart moves. Like you can add a feed tube to the canister to increase the capacity to hold the paint. Read the user manual carefully, and it will take no time to thin out the paint which is to be filled up in the sprayer. For the experienced Do-It-Yourselfers, this is not the thing to mention. Regarding the noise level and heating, the Paint Zoom Sprayer has low noise motor than many branded vacuum cleaners used at homes for cleaning. The viscosity cup which comes with the Paint Zoom Platinum Sprayer also helps to get the right consistency for the paint. The heating of the Paint Zoom HVLP Gun Sprayer is not too high to become unbearable. If the hose comes off frequently, then crosscheck that whether it has been attached to the motor properly or not. Follow the instruction manual and screw the hose in a counter clockwise to make sure it doesn’t get loose.

We are not saying that the users who give negative feedback about the product are always fake, but doing some things smartly can prevent the loss of money and time as well as can get the desired results for you.

Paint Zoom Sprayer Review Bottom Line – Is it legit?

The Paint Zoom Sprayer is a great option if you want an HVLP Paint Gun for small jobs. Follow the instruction manual carefully and do the preparations by giving enough time to get used to it. After this, you will surely get the paint spray pattern and coat you want. If you don’t want to waste your time even in the straining or thinning of the paint, then you can go for some more expensive paint sprayers available in the market.

Though the working and quality of the product depend on the manufacturer, what it includes, and how you follow the manuals and use it, the bottom line of this review is, for the smaller painting jobs, the Paint Zoom Platinum Sprayer is the right option to choose and for the bigger ones, you can check the other products too. The Paint Zoom Sprayer is surely a legit product to get.

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